Anywhere. Anytime. Workout without Borders

+Holistic Energy

Breathe deeply. Refocus. Let it all go... 

+Explosive Cardio

Open your Heart & Lungs, it's Time to Burn.

+Move Free

Get that Sweat & Shape.

+Deep Stretch

Relax, Unwind. Reflect. Conquer.

+Positive Playlist

Find your Rhythm. Dig Deep. Own It...

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during the workout?

Number5 is a vibrant hybrid of dynamic holistic movement (yoga & pilates), cardio, bodyweight strength, HIIT & deep stretch, all choreographed to music within 45 minutes. Each workout has a different focus, but always delivers a sweaty, flowing & uplifting full body sweat.

Why is Number5 different from other workouts?

5 key ingredients. 5 different kinds of energy. No format repeated. You have the freedom to be you in that space; let it all go. You'll cover several different styles in 1 workout. There are no rules, no restrictions, no judgement. Every playlist is new, fresh & electric. Music is our saviour, we sweat to the beat. Always. Workout with Borders. Anywhere. Anytime.

What results should I expect to see?

Number5 is designed to make you longer, leaner, more balanced & stronger. Sculpting holistic movement helps to tone, lengthen, improve posture and core strength; whilst additional bursts of choreographed HIIT & Cardio support better overall strength and health, whilst aiding weight loss. Final deep stretch encourages better mobility, restores balance, prevents injury & elevates your state of mind...

Is Number5 measurable?

In the age of technology overload, we think the best results are those you feel. Number5 is all about keeping it real. Let's not take life too seriously.

What do I need?

In order of priority; Head space, water, mat, towel + sneakers.

Is Number5 suitable for all levels?

Yes. It's all about enjoying the movement, doing what you can & embracing change; that's Sweat + Flow. This is a unisex workout with a feminine/tomboyish energy.