Rebekah abdeen

Along with vet, DJ and supermodel (lol); I wanted to be an actress, or a barrister until wellness became my world.

My fitness journey was enlightening at a time when the industry looked very different to now. I conquered my own demons (mostly), travelled the globe for years, West to East, worked for huge brands, small brands, pushed my youthful weight around, caused chaos whilst committing to empower people of all ages & cultures. Probably bit off more than I could chew, lost my mind, found my mind... Then lost it again; but this is the beauty of change & travel.

The world of wellness can be largely, ironic & ridiculous at the same time. It's primary function is to enrich our lives through the power of movement, nourishment + positive reinforcement. In today's reality where capitalism has taken centre stage, we're faced with a power house of narcissism, brand-war & a Lot of ego.

In numerology the Number 5 is the most dynamic & energetic of all numbers, tomboyish yet feminine, a daring risk-taker, although loyal and independent in mind & soul. Number5 is a break away from the bull sh*t, a fresh approach to life as we really see it. We started with a workout & knew we were capable of adding so many more layers to life; unifying people of all cultures, religions & geography with the common thread of #5.

So here it is; the right kind of movement that can be adapted to fit with any lifestyle, anywhere, anytime. We don't do active-wear, we support change through conscious apparel. Music is our saviour & we want to feed our soul from all corners of the world. Most importantly, we believe in the power of change.

We wanna do more + we know we can.

Insta. @rebekahabdeen